A lady goes into a pet shop to buy a parrot. They say the parrot is 200 dollars, no refunds. The owner warns her the parrot can be badly behaved, but is normally well Behaved.

After some convincin
A lady comes into a pet shop looking for a parrot. She sees a beautiful one for an unusually low price and asks about it.

"Well, she's got a foul mouth." The owner says and then asks the parrot "C
Lady walks by a pet store with a parrot sitting outside. As she walks by, the parrot says "Hey lady! You are fucking ugly." The woman is taken aback but decides to just ignore it and go about her day
A golfer invited a minister, a doctor and an engineer to play golf at his club. After a few holes, one guest said "That foursome ahead of us is really slow. They're all over the fairway, they're in t
Three men are trapped on an island inhabited by cannibals. Soon enough they get caught. the leader tells them to go out into the woods and pick ten of any fruit they find then come back. The first ma